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The game begins with a tree, and your player character with a torch in hand. The game is dual purpose because almost everything has two or more purposes. The torch burns trees to make campfires and is your weapon. Growing trees not only gives you a tree, but gives you more dirt patches to uproot.  Uprooting dirt patches to spawn a spirit is a hinderance because they can hurt the player, but if burnt, the spirits will drop a seed for a tree. The tree can either be burnt to increase your flame, or picked to increase your hunger.  The apples you pick from the tree can increase your hunger, but if you press C while selecting it, you can plant it and grow a dirt patch. The flame and hunger meters are both a timer that you need to keep above 0, but the flame meter also drops when you hit a spirit, and your hunger drops when hit by a spirit, acting as your health.

This game was made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer Addition.


Henry Medina

Harry Medina

Julian Kim

Joaquin Carranza

Published Jul 17, 2017


TORCH.exe 2 MB

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